Este software permite construir modelos de datos, no lo instalé pero aparenta ser muy interesante y está categorizado en sourceforge con categoria 5 – producción/estable.

Sitio web de OSA

OSA en sourceforge

Esta es su presentación (en inglés) :

Open System Architect (OSA) is an application used for modelling a system. OSA currently supports data modelling (physical and logical) with UML in the works. The unique thing about OSA is that it is an Open Source product licensed under the General Public License (GPL). The free factor makes OSA particularly interesting for students but OSA is powerful enough to compare favourably with products costing thousands of dollars.

OSA is sponsored by CodeByDesign (the originally developer of OSA) and by Source Forge (they host the community collaboration environment for OSA).

  • ERD (Logical & Physical)
  • ERD supports inheritance
  • ERD validation
  • UML in the works
  • SQL editor
  • workspace/project environment
  • cross-platform
  • cross-database
  • open source/open standards
  • GPL (free)
  • … and much more