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Python, designed to optimize programming effort, has found its own adherents. It also has found something of a home as a cross-platform language. Versions can operate with both Java and .NET. This miniguide points you to resources for Python, including Jython and IronPython implementations.

Python is a dynamic programming language first released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. It was designed to optimize programming effort rather than computer effort. It is similar to Perl and Ruby in its use of a dynamic type system and automated memory management. The language has a community based development model, although the language as a whole is not formally specified.

The de Facto standard implementation Python implementation, CPython, is distributed with a large standard library written in C and Python. It currently ships for a number of platforms including MS Windows and Unix systems. The other two major implementations are Jython for Java, and IronPython for the .NET platform.

IronPython was first released in September 2006 and is available as part of Microsoft’s Shared Source initiative. This implementation of Python provides an extensibility layer to application frameworks written in .NET. Developers can use scripts written in IronPython to interact with objects in the .NET framework without having to change the underlying code base. Both Silverlight and ASP.Net futures support IronPython.


IronPython Blog (MSDN)

Microsoft blog with videos, demos, workarounds, and updates for IronPython programming.

IronPython URLs (Blogspot.com)

An aggregator of URLs with news, code, and new downloads relating to IronPython maintained by Mark Rees, Michael Foord, and Seo Sanghyeon.

IronPython TechEd News (Voidspace)

Podcasts and videos relating to IronPython from the TechEd conference.

PlanetPython News Feed (myFeedz.com)

Frequently updated site with news, videos, and coding examples.

Microsoft Frees IronPython (InternetNews)

Brief overview describing the official release of IronPython 1.0 into the development community.

Microsoft Releases IronPython (MSDN)

Jim Hugunin describes the release of IronPython on his blog.

IronPython 1.0 Released (TheServerside.net)

TheServerside.net reports on the release of IronPython.

Jython News (The Jython Project)

Source code for latest version of Jython.


Official Python Website (Python Software Foundation)

Main Python site provides links to downloads, documentation, jobs, and the history of the Python language.

Official Jython Website (The Jython Project)

Jython is an implementation of the high-level, dynamic, object-oriented language Python written in 100% Pure Java, and seamlessly integrated with the Java platform. It thus allows you to run Python on any Java platform.

IronPython CodePlex (Microsoft)

Official Microsoft IronPython site with links to code, blogs, and FAQs.

Python Programming (Wikipedia)

Online book teaches the basics of Python programming with the basic concepts, different modules, and code examples.

Quick Reference Guide to Python (Richard Gruet)

Reference guide to writing python programs that can be printed or accessed online for help while coding.

IronPython Hello World Tutorial (LearningPython.com)

Introduction to writing IronPython programs using the .NET framework.

Python Tutorial Videos (ShowMeDo.com)

A number of step-by-step videos available for learning to program on Python and Windows XP.

Online Python Tutorials (Pickatutorial.com)

An assortment of introductions to programming in Python.

Python Tutorials (AwareTek.com) hon

Over 300 different tutorials on learning to program in Python, including at least seven on IronPython and twelve on Jython.

Charming Python: Inside JPython and Python for .NET (DeveloperWorks)

Older article introducing some of the background on Java, Python and .NET programming.

C++ vs. Java vs. Python vs. Ruby: a first impression (DMH 2000)

A brief overview on some of the distinctions between different dynamic programming languages.

Python Compared to Java (Irmen’s Python Wiki)

Describes some of the similarities and differences of the two languages.


Differences between IronPython and CPython (Microsoft)

Explains some of the differences in syntax and use of IronPython compared to the de Facto standard implementation of Python.

IronPython Cookbook (MediaWiki)

Provides sample code for writing a wide variety of Python applications with specific examples for Visual Studio, Silverlight, Robotics, 3D and games, and the Project Jasper Declarative Database Framework.

Tips for Python .NET 2.0 (Python.org)

Thomas Barket describes some tips for writing Python apps for .NET. He describes some of the troubles he encountered and describes his fixes.

Dynamically Compiling C# from IronPython (Voidspace)

One hole in IronPython .NET integration is attributes, which can be a problem. This article describes a way around this problem by providing a way to compile C# source code into assemblies.

IronPython and Silverlight (Voidspace)

Tips on writing Python apps for Silverlight.

Mini-Guide: Python on the .Net Framework (TheServerside.net)

Links to a number of tips and articles on Python programming.